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Satin Honey



Any raw, natural honey will form crystals as soon as it leaves the hive. As the remaining water evaporates from the honey, a crystal forms on any foreign particle, such as bits of wax or pollen. By keeping the crystals small, the result is a smooth and spreadable product which keeps its butter-like consistency indefinitely -- Satin Honey.
All Satin Honey -

Cinnamon Satin will melt into your English Muffin, a delicious spin on cinnamon toast!

Cranberry or Raspberry Satin is a great alternative to jelly on a peanut butter sandwich.
Try glazing that holiday ham or stir into your favorite tea!

Jalapeno Satin is an exciting new adventure when brushed on grilled salmon or chicken.  
Try it on cornbread or on a cracker with cream cheese for a tasty and healthy snack.
Use it to prepare green vegetables for a sweet, yet slightly spicy accent.  
Be creative! (And be sure to tell us about your favorite creations!)

Cocoa Satin, our newest flavor is a natural on toast, ice cream or in coffee for a smooth mocha!

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