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Wildflower Honey


Our Natural wildflower honey is sourced from high altitude flowers in Colorado.  Good for any purpose, this honey possesses a darker hue and more complex flavor than conventional clover honey. Our honey is a gluten-free, natural product and comes to you straight from the hive with no extra filtering or processing...or as we like to say:
"From Our Hive To Yours".

8 oz Wildflower Honey


1# Inverted Wildflower Honey


1 pint Wildflower Honey


1 Quart Wildflower Honey


Everyone knows you have to "keep your honey warm" to have a happy home.  This also applies to your Debeeze Pure Honey!  We suggest you keep it in your kitchen in a warm place, even on the back of the stove.  This will help delay the natural crystallization of any pure honey.  When glucose loses water it becomes a crystal. Once a crystal forms it will continue to build more crystals until the entire container is crystallized.  If however, it does crystalize, please simply boil a pot of water, remove it from the heat and immerse the jar in the water. Patience is a virtue here.  Be patient and it will dissolve those crystals. Please don’t microwave as this will destroy the enzymes and other good things in the honey. Above all---- refrigeration is never needed.

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